Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Je ne sais quoi - I do not know what

inside view from a Yurt, in L'Isle Jourdain

 je ne sais quoi  (ʒənsekwa) 
— n
an indefinable quality, esp of personality 

[literally: 'I don't know what']

Over these past weeks I have had many hours sitting listening to people discussing my future.  I have learned a few things along the way.  One big thing is that, although I can barely speak the language of French, I am coming to understand a lot of what is said.  Most of what I glean begins from hearing a few words here and there that sound like English words.  What I am really 'translating" is human behaviour. We really do speak a common language, much of what we share is the nuances of tone and reflection in our voice, or the tilt of our head, raising of eyebrows, eye contact, or the lack of it.  I am learning a LOT about the 'french way' it is very constant, and it is interesting to watch one person after the other repeat the patterns of the culture and formalities.  It always brings smiles to the French when I attempt to walk in the same formality as I stumble learning to speak this beautiful and intricate language.

I am falling in love with the people here.  They truly have a ' je ne sais quoi'- (we would say they have 'that special something'.) I am meeting new hearts who are kind and patient, and who are eager and correct/teach me hoping I will soon be able to communicate with them so that we can dialogue freely together. Its funny when I see someone one or two days later and they seriously expect me to be fluent, remembering all that was 'taught' the last time we spoke.

Most of all my heart yearns for the day when I can freely speak with Mon Amour having Two Languages to share our hearts, THAT alone is an inspiration to keep pressing forward in learning.  For now, my French is like a child.  I am learning to count, to be polite, small phrases etc.... Each day taking a small step forward. making progress- but prayers for grace to remember what I am learning would not be despised. :)

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