Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 Today was a Beautiful day with 23C and clear skies
Mon Mari took advantage and got some air time...


sending Love from this side of the ocean to yours....

Friday, November 1, 2013

we Work hard...

Everyday we work hard to be better people 
for ourselves, eachother, those we love and others.

I can not help but falling in love with you 
more and more each and everyday....

                                      I Love her voice.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

another Félicitations

Mon Mari has begun his new job
teaching technology at two middle schools.
(in France it is Collège age 13-15 and he is officially called professuer)

Friends at church surprised him this morning with cakes to celebrate this achievement after service.

Four days of the week he will be teaching during the day and heading off to his Aerodynamic Engineering class at night.  

We are working with an agency and hope to quickly find, and be in a new home soon.  That means we will have the guest room ready for those near and dear.

Bienvenue en France

Sunday, September 22, 2013

He does it Again...

Mon Mari knows I have been homesick and he brought home one of my favorite 'treats'.  Honestly you would think I eat these daily as often as I highlight them on here, but we rarely splurge on them.  They are super flakey and full of calories!  Today he bought the large size....
He is very thoughtful.


To you it might look Green Beans and Fried Potatoes
But for this gal- its a taste of home, 
and a tiny cure for 
all things 'HoMe'.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Félicitations!- Congratulation!

Mon Mari was one of  only Thirty people accepted 
 into an Aerodynamic Engineering Program
His Classes begin at the end of this month!

Sweet Bisous request

Short Clip found on my iphone from last winter...
How Cute is He??


Monday, September 16, 2013


How do you use the gift of HUGE fresh garden tomatoes on a cool fall-ish feeling day?
I made tomato-basil soup.
You know the saying, "you can almost taste the sunshine"? 
Sums it up perfectly.

And these sweet Pommes will become Good ol' AppleButter... 
When my extra set of hands come home to help peel ;)

Some friends went to the Netherlands on holiday and came back with these sweet treasures.
We were so blessed at their thoughtfulness!

and Mon Mari brought in sweet flowers from the garden to brighten my day...

Many gifts filling the days.
Thinking on them, and treasuring each of them.

Sending Love Across the Waves...
Where all the greatest treasures are.

Jardin in Toulouse

Saturday, September 14, 2013

8 Months

We celebrated 8 months on the 4th
Time is flying by so quickly!
It seems like just a moment ago
we were walking out of church on
a snowy Rochester night as
husband and wife.

-Celebrate Armands Day of Birth
-destination Toulouse
-and a lot of pictures ect....

i Loved the sculptures that were all throughout the Jardin
After the Jardin Walk we headed into the center city and went to our favorite shop- Italian petal Glace...  Yummy!

Assorted sights ( the dapper dressed man looked like he was straight from the 1940s
except for the iPhone he was texting on

We ended the night at the cinema and saw The Maison Blanche- 
Mon Mari, as always was happy to pose for me. :)

Was sorting through pictures and due to Living in Sunny Southern France, 
we have a Ton with our sunglasses on and a LOT Less with them off .




We were given an incredible cheese plate as a Thank You gift... wish I could share some with you...


and Last night we went to dinner at some friends house, they spoiled us with great food and 
best of all sweet fellowship 

On the ride home we had to wait for the Convoy of trucks bringing the newest Airbus A380
into Toulouse.  All traffic is stopped as it travels back roads, highways and byways to get there.
It really was amazing to watch each section pass by and to see how overwhelmingly HuGe it is.
I kept thinking- all of this weight is going to be flying through the air!
It seems impossible when you see multiple rows 
of SIX and or EIGHT sets of tires depending on the section of trailor
just carrying one wing. I just wished it passed during the day so you could see it too.

And, lastly We were blessed to meet 
Another Pilgrim Passing through L'Isle Jourdain

His walking stick

Thursday, September 12, 2013

a few things

Finally my French Classes have started... 

It is pretty clear I will never 'sound' French... but hopefully I will be understood.

went to an outdoor concert with friends
and enjoyed the sculptures there too...

and of course a  LyLy pic

Mon Mari is 49 today...

Monday, June 24, 2013

We have been busy...

Mon Amour created a garden box for us out of 
recycled wood pallets
+for some more ideas on how use the pallets check out 

Mon Amour went on a retreat with some of the men from our new church

and later in the week a friend invited us over to pick cherries from her tree
and we came home and made some jelly

We also enjoyed a small expo from another local artist

I love when we stumble upon these showings 
and get the delight of seeing the local talents work on display

I had left a curtain on the chair, and Ms. LyLy took over where I had left off, 
she decided to take a nap all snuggled in there.  
When we returned and woke her up, she decided playing was more fun than letting me finish my work.. 
she IS cute...

We are still having rain and flooding here in Southern France
and most days feel like November, but we do get the warm days
and have had several meals on the little balcony.

Time is passing quickly and I have my final visa meeting.
It will be finished until I have to re-new for next year.

Sending Love